How do we build the arch of life (faith) to last? We must first understand the principles of spiritual growth, moving toward spiritual maturity, which involves learning how to live one’s faith consciously and intentionally. Moving from unconscious incompetence to conscious competence is a process that parallels man’s growth from apprentice, through the journeyman stage, to full union in the master carpenter stage. The essential tools (virtues) for this work: knowledge (awareness of the essential skills), wisdom (applying the skills properly), humility (acknowledging the source of all wisdom – God), compassion (understanding our obligation to use our skills to serve others along the way), and fortitude (an unwavering strength against opposing forces through a clear understanding of truth). Becoming competent to this theory will strengthen all areas of our lives, but most importantly the manner in which we approach the growth of the families we are held accountable by God to lead.

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