Society has conditioned us to look down on people who hold deeply spiritual beliefs as weak or irrational. This notion is built on the argument that if so many religions exist in the world, then how can any one of them be true? Society holds up as the “true intellectuals” those who are “smarter” than any religion, those who rise above the “superstitious” notions of the “simple-minded.” Could this be intentional? How did this point of view become our reality? Is it possible that we have been conditioned to think this way from generations of manipulation? Free will allows us to choose our own direction in our physical life. Free will also allows us to choose (or reject) a relationship with God in our spiritual life. We must be aware that we have this freedom to choose, with the knowledge that it is easier to tempt to vice rather than to virtue, while we approach chipping away daily at understanding our sinful nature and choosing to separate ourselves from it. The plain truth is that there are two driving forces in the world that motivate the work that we do:  Good and Evil. Which force do we employ to drive the work that constitutes owning and understanding our free will? What forces do we allow to penetrate our hearts, minds, and souls? How do they affect our perception of reality and Truth?

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