The faith-filled family was given to us all as a gift from God our Father through Jesus Christ within the New Covenant and the sacraments. In the New Covenant we all share in today, we come to understand that our faith is our own to own. Our loving Father gives us wisdom found in both the Old and New Testaments, but it is through the New Testament teachings of Jesus Christ that we come to understand that our loving Father is calling each and every one of us to grow in His love and grace as we are filled with the Holy Spirit. By accepting this truth and allowing it to fuel the choices we make in our free will, we find the strength needed to sustain living in and of the Word. Even a minimal effort on our part to chip away at the layers of sin in our daily life will stimulate the strength needed to take each step forward in our faith journey to endure living in and of this world. The world around us does not encourage or support such a mindset. The world attempts to shake our faith to the core by its constant attacks on the Catholic Church. This chapter outlines undeniable facts that span from the Old Testament through to this moment in time. We explore briefly past covenants in the Old Testament that have led up to the New Covenant, the sixth and final covenant that we all share in today where all of God’s children are washed clean in the blood of the passion of Christ. This truth is revealed to us all in the Bible by the author of all authority, Jesus Christ Himself in the writings of the New Testament. Jesus was sent to save us all through the New Covenant, which we all now share in with God Our Father in heaven to this very day. The New Covenant is the truth shared with and for all of God’s children of faith. Anyone of any religion who sincerely seeks out the truth cannot deny this fact, which is revealed throughout the apostolic teachings of the Gospels in the New Testament.

Understanding truth as it is revealed to us is what leads us to sharing in God’s grace. God’s grace is where we find the wisdom needed to see through the false truths that present themselves as “real truths” or situational truths while living in this world and not of this world. Coming peacefully to this realization is where we find truth in the fact that we are all part of God’s faith-filled family, and through humility we should always choose to love all of God’s children no matter where they are within their own journey in the arch of life. We should consciously choose not to find fault in others’ faith, but to see clearly the truth revealed in God’s grace in a faith-filled family.

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