The sacraments are the building blocks of a strong faith that is built to last – the conduits of God’s grace, the force that animates our souls and drives the work of building strong families by helping men to learn how to truly provide for their families, to protect them, and to help them prosper through future generations. The life of a child who has shared in the grace that the sacraments provide leads to a life of moral principles and convictions that strengthen and cascade into every aspect of their lives. Many cradle Catholics who are now trading tradition for trend may place no value in this unconsciously experienced truth, but this truth cannot be denied. Sharing in the grace that the sacraments provide as we grow in our faith proves to be the moral compass throughout life for both the intentional and unintentional Catholic. Without living and sharing in the sacramental life, our families will surely experience a spiritual deficiency that will compromise their faith journey. The foundation of faith, the sacraments, are essential to weaving a strong moral fiber throughout our entire faith journey, particularly in our adolescent years.

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