The theory of juggling life is represented as five balls of morality. Faith = our soul, Family = our will, Health = our mortality, Friendship = our selflessness, Work = our integrity. This theory shares that there are two character balls that should never be at rest within the concept of juggling life. The faith and family balls should be viewed as primary balls that are always in play to help us keep our eye on what matters in our decision making. If we lose focus or lose our grip on the importance of properly handling our faith and family within the act of juggling life, then understandably it will become easier for us to submit to temptations and fall short within our sinful nature while juggling all the demands of living in our day-to-day physical world. The primary balls of faith and family give clarity to the decisions we make while incorporating the third ball we choose to juggle at any given time. Finding balance and making good decisions are two key elements needed in the act of juggling life. The “character” balls that we choose to juggle will remain fluidly in motion if we observe these elements and stay true to the need of always having the primary balls in the act of juggling life.

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